Fourteen Days Before Suicide

Fourteen Days Before Suicide 1999

A new accountant starts a job eager to prove herself but soon realizes her superiors are acting weirdly and doubts if they are actually alive; A woman finds out her boyfriend is cheating with her best friend, leading her to despair and suicide, only to discover his evil plan after her death; An elevator repairman neglects his wife because of his work. Influenced by a ghostly woman, the wife begins to think about using suicide to get her husband to care for her.

  • Released: 1999-03-20
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Comedy
  • Stars: Simon Lui Yu-Yeung, Michael Chow Man-Kin, Pinky Cheung, Almen Wong Pui-Ha, Christine Ng, Sherming Yiu, Anita Lee, Sunny Chan Kam-Hung, Chin Ka-Lok, Raymond Cho Wing-Lim, Yiu-Cheung Lai
  • Director: Ally Wong