2 Die For
3.5 2

2 Die For is a horror anthology of short horror films from cult underground indie horror filmmakers from across the globe. This fast paced horror compendium of short horror films won't give you time to catch your breath, your heart will race, you will sweat uncontrollably, and you will be shocked to death. An anthology of horror stories helmed by more than 20 directors from the dark depths of horror's underground. What would you do if you only had two minutes to live? ...find out in 2 Die For.

  • Released: 2018-04-09
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Horror
  • Stars: Sophia Cacciola, Daiane Azura, Luc Bernier, Ray Boutin, Richard Chandler, Angel Connell, Ylenia Crosta Mancin, Tessa Evelyn, Jenny French, Donna Hamblin, Nikki Hentz, Tristan James, Kally Khourshid, Jodi Moore Lewis, Jaclene London, Antoni McVay, Sarah Michelle, Jennifer Nangle, Harley Neville, Lianne O'Shea  Show all >
    Martin W. Payne, Michael J. Epstein, Hunter Johnson, Sarah Martin, 图特哈蒙
  • Director: Dustin Ferguson