The Buddy: Yaji and Kita

The Buddy: Yaji and Kita 1982

Tajibee, a cockfighting expert from Kawachi, and Kitahachi, a carpenter from Edo, survive a shipwreck near Beppu. They rescue Sakamoto Ryoma from masked samurai, and he entrusts them with a secret letter for Saigo Takamori of Satsuma. A shogunate spy, Chizou, overhears and pursues them. Along the way, a pickpocket named Okoma steals their wallet and the letter. When they finally deliver the letter in Satsuma, they realize it was a decoy to mislead the enemy.

  • Released: 1982-03-12
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, History
  • Stars: Takuzō Kawatani, Mitsuo Senda, Tatsuo Umemiya, Keizo Kanie, Yuri Kimura
  • Director: Yuji Makiguchi