Immortal Vampire

Immortal Vampire 2022

2.667 3

Vampires, the symbol of immortality. Do vampires like that get old? [VIDS (Vampire Immunodeficiency Syndrome)] But there is a way. Gather antibodies that don't age around her. A fantasy-romance that depicts the love, jealousy, hatred, and sacrifice of the three protagonists! Her immortal youth and refreshing charm! The Immortal Goddess of Vampire romance with the Black Knight protecting her from those who seek her. (Source: HanCinema)

  • Released: 2022-07-07
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
  • Stars: Jae Hee, Wang Ji-won, Lee Joo-yeon, Park Hee-jin, Kim Tae-gyum, Kim Goo-hyun
  • Director: Kim Hong-ik