The Bogeyman

The Bogeyman 1990

A play about a guy called Mahrous who suffers from the inability to consummate his marriage due to the lack of an apartment. He meets a janitor in a building named Thabet by chance who offers an apartment for rent for a very small amount but with a high brokerage. Mahrous cannot back down despite knowing that it is inhabited by demons, after he signed the contract and paid the brokerage. So what will he do?

  • Released: 1990-06-25
  • Runtime: 210 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Music, Thriller
  • Stars: Saeed Saleh, Sahar Ramy, Mazhar Abol Naga, Said Tarabeek, Diaa ElMerghany, Ahmed Adam, Talaat Zakaria, Alaa Zinhom
  • Director: Gamal Abdel Hamid, Esam Al-Sayyed