Enea chases after the myth he bears in his name; he does so to feel alive in a dead and decadent age. He does so together with Valentino, a newly baptized aviator. The two, in addition to dealing and partying, share youth. Lifelong friends, victims and perpetrators of a corrupt world, but moved by an incorruptible vitality. Beyond the boundaries of rules, on the other side of morality, there is a sea full of humanity and symbols to be discovered. Enea and Valentino will fly over it to the furthest extremes. However, drugs and the underworld are the invisible shadow of a story about something else: a melancholy father, a brother fighting at school, a mother defeated by love and a beautiful girl, a happy ending and a happy death, a palm tree falling on a glass world.

  • Released: 2023-09-21
  • Runtime: 115 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Stars: Giorgio Quarzo Guarascio, Sergio Castellitto, Pietro Castellitto, Benedetta Porcaroli, Giorgio Montanini, Chiara Noschese, Matteo Branciamore, Adamo Dionisi, Cesare Castellitto, Clara Galante, Paolo Giovannucci
  • Director: Pietro Castellitto