2012: Curse of the Xtabai

2012: Curse of the Xtabai 2012

2.5 4

A sealed ancient Mayan cave would be blown open unleashing Xtabai to wreak havoc on the world and destroy civilization. She begins by infecting the inhabitants of a nearby village with a terrible and deadly fever. The government responds by placing the village under quarantine. A team of students along with their teacher escape into the jungle to find a cure, guided only by a dream. They go deep into the bowels of the Mayan underworld, hunted by Xtabai herself. Will they ultimately succeed in defeating the evil Xtabai and saving mankind from her curse? How many will live to tell the tale?

  • Released: 2012-07-13
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
  • Stars: Nehanda Higinio, Miriam Antoinette-Ochaeta, Arran Bevis, Nicasio Coc, Robert Grieg, Roseli Hernandez, Memory Magdaleno, Edgardo Serrut
  • Director: Matthiew Klinck