Here to Rest

Here to Rest 2024

As the town says goodbye to summer with their Festa Major, all the villagers fill the dance floor. The last to leave are a group of young people who, in the early morning, will exchange their cocktails for coffees while they decide they won’t go to sleep. At the same time, a mailman arrives at Custodio’s house and delivers something he was no longer expecting: a coffin for his wife, who was buried three months ago. On their last day of summer, three dead tired friends, Rita, Clara and Pau, wander around the village expecting something, but without knowing what it is.

  • Released: 2024-04-05
  • Runtime: 21 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
  • Stars: Anna Rotger, Emiliano Giménez, Ivet Zamora, Èric Pons, Biel Mabras Llorach, Luna García Muñoz, Maria Moragues, Eric Meneses i Villalonga, Mireia Labazuy, Eusebi Andreu, Júlia Boncompte Fradera, Lluna Grau, Lluís Victory
  • Director: Robert Cortés, Berta Amigó Cueves