18 Meals
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Food, glorious food! Some of the most sumptuous and involving films revolve around that most common of acts: eating. 18 MEALS is an omnibus film of criss-crossing stories divided into three segments; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jorge Coira's debut feature, shot over nine days in Santiago de Compostela has enough tasty portions to please audiences. Amongst Coira's expansive ensemble are aging street musician Edu, a pair awaking from a one-night stand, a businessman visiting his closeted homosexual brother and a lonely housewife, Sol. Victor and Sol are two of 18 MEALS' most fascinating characters as they each hide something - his sexuality, her depression - from those around them. Best of all is Pedro Alsono as Vladimir, a local celebrity actor who makes a meal for a mystery woman who never arrives. Who hasn't gone to a lot of trouble to do something extra special for someone just to have it go unappreciated?

  • Released: 2010-06-12
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Stars: Víctor Fábregas, Xosé Manuel Olveira, Esperanza Pedreño, Juan Carlos Vellido, Antonio Mourelos, Camila Bossa, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, José Barato, Federico Pérez Rey, Nuncy Valcárcel, Cristina Brondo, Víctor Duplá, Ricardo de Barreiro, Isabel Naveira, Pedro Alonso, Víctor Clavijo, Gael Nodar Fernández, Mario Zorrilla, Milan Tocinovski, Jorge Cabezas  Show all >
    Luis Coira, María del Carmen Pereira, José María Pérez, Luis Tosar, María Vázquez
  • Director: Jorge Coira