$100,000 reward

$100,000 reward 1961

Breaking into the vault of Midlandbank! One of the night watchmen is shot, the unknown perpetrator can escape with the loot - around two and a half million. A $100,000 reward is being offered for the capture of the murderer. Meanwhile, two detectives are shadowing the luxury villa of Franklin Aldin and Sissi Hendersen, who seem suspicious to them, especially since they are not unknown to the police. Their staff, who have only been with them for about a month, are also highly suspect. There is the pretty maid Lila, who until recently worked as a lawyer, the house servant Andy, who has more skills than he would need as a servant, and the cook Fil, a motherly lady who also has multiple criminal records. For the police, there is no question

  • Released: 1961-04-09
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Stars: Inge Langen, Helmuth Schneider, Lis Verhoeven, Inge Konradi
  • Director: Heinz Wilhelm Schwarz