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An ordinary bully Tolik gets on an ordinary suburban electric train. He successfully hides from the conductor and then takes a seat, and waits for his friend. After a while, Tolik falls asleep as the train leaves. At the last second, Tolik’s friend, bully Valera, runs into the railway carriage and wakes the hero. They sit down together to enjoy their journey with alcohol. Suddenly, the bullies see huge delicious chickens outside. Valera decides to get food by jumping out of the window. The next thing he knows, dumbfounded Tolik is sitting in the company of roosters. Soon enough, he becomes one of them. Screaming, Tolik wakes up at the same place where he fell asleep. A joyful bully meets Valera, who offers him a drink. However, Tolik refuses and runs out of the train.

  • Released: 2020-08-12
  • Runtime: 4 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • Stars:
  • Director: