The Accidental Gangster

The Accidental Gangster 2008

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Korea, 1724. Once upon a time in the Choson Dynasty, Chun-doong falls in love at first sight with a beautiful woman whilst in the middle of a fight.When she is delivered by accident to Chun-doong's tavern to work as a maid, he is the happiest man in the land until she is snatched away by her rightful owner.He vows to get her back, but alone he is no match for Man-deuk.

  • Released: 2008-12-03
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Stars: Lee Jung-jae, Kim Ok-vin, Yeo Kyun-dong, Kim Suk-hoon, Jo Hee-bong, Baek Do-bin, Lee Won-jong, Jo Deok-hyeon, Yoo Ji-yeon, Kim Hong-pa, Jang Se-jin, Kim Ki-cheon
  • Director: Yeo Kyun-dong