18.15 Uhr ab Ostkreuz

18.15 Uhr ab Ostkreuz 2006

Karin Hoehne is a retired teacher living in Berlin - Haselhorst. On her way to meet her best friend Rosa Brathuhn she involuntarily witnesses a horrible murder on a passing train. A young woman gets chopped up by an ax murderer. Sadly the police, in particular exchange commissioner Rock Milchester, thinks that she is a slightly senile old lady, especially because no corpse was found. So what else can she do but to try to solve the case on her own. Rosa is quickly persuaded and off they go... A first clue is found next to the tracks. It leads Mrs. Hoehne to the salon of the master of hairstyling Horst Brueller where Miss Gisela Drache runs a strict regime. In spite of her age Mrs. Hoehne starts as a trainee and not only diva Veranda Strunzig-Lopez is quickly convinced of her talents, Horst Brueller and his silky lover Bruno as well. A poisoned wig and more bodies indicate that Mrs. Hoehne follows the right lead.

  • Released: 2006-01-06
  • Runtime: 110 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Comedy
  • Stars: Ades Zabel, Dieter Bach, Stefan Kuschner, Pedro Sobisch, Andreja Schneider, Bob Schneider
  • Director: Jörn Hartmann