A constellation of stars spread over the wall of an artist's studio metamorphose into a tumult of organic forms, which explode into a whirling, sparkling, luminous display. The human presence is evoked by a profile intent on exploring inner consciousness, rendered as a brilliant sphere. We are witnessing a fiery voyage of initiation to the very confines of the universe. 1974 is a mystical experience, a shimmering odyssey into the mysteries of perception. Up to 24 strata of different materials from oil paint to pencil drawings, filmed under the animation camera, contribute to the visual richness of the film, while progressive rock composed by Robert M. Lepage adds a harmonious counterpoint to its incantatory quality. Film without words.

  • Released: 2000-05-27
  • Runtime: 8 minutes
  • Genre: Animation
  • Stars:
  • Director: