Soul of Steel

Soul of Steel 1957

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Inspired by Alexander Dumas's novel The Corsican Brothers, Alma de Acero presents a delightful spin on the classic story of twin brothers (both played by Luis Aguilar) and their contrasting lives. As a singer in a nightclub, one brother has chosen a life of peaceful simplicity; the other, however, has chosen a troublesome lifestyle that leads to numerous run-ins with the law, forcing the vocalist to risk his own life to save his sibling.

  • Released: 1957-01-01
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Western, Crime
  • Stars: Ada Carrasco, Arturo Castro 'Bigotón', Margarita Villegas, Salvador Terroba, Guillermo Álvarez Bianchi, Lina Salomé, Víctor Parra, Fernando Soto, Enrique García Álvarez, Luis Aguilar
  • Director: Miguel Morayta