Anything for a Friend

Anything for a Friend 1973

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Two 'friends', Jonas and Mark, who live by cheating and squandering their money in saloons meet a crazy old man who tells them that gold has been discovered in the Rocky Mountains. The whole town moves, with dreams of becoming rich, but they are bitterly disappointed when on their way home they are robbed by Mulieta and his vicious gang of outlaws. Jonathan and Mark are spurred into action and decide to fight Mulieta's gang and retrive their gold.

  • Released: 1973-02-18
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Western
  • Stars: Ettore Manni, Angela Portaluri, Gordon Mitchell, Simonetta Vitelli, Carla Mancini, Paolo Rosani
  • Director: Demofilo Fidani