1-2-3 Corona

1-2-3 Corona 1948

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Post-war Germany 1945: Two rival gangs of uprooted boys fight each other in the ruins of Berlin, whose business is the black market out of necessity in order to survive. Their respective leaders are Gerhard and Dietrich. A pretty young circus artist named Corona comes to the destroyed city with a traveling circus. She immediately caught the boys' attention. When the latter notice that the circus director is abusing the girl, the two gangs join forces and plot an act of revenge against the tyrant. But with the hustle and bustle caused by this, Corona falls from the trapeze and is seriously injured. When the circus moves on, the boys organize a doctor for the sick artist who has been left behind. Their collectively concern for the blonde beauty makes them forget their enmity. This welds the troops closer together and sets the course for a common, meaningful future.

  • Released: 1948-09-17
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Stars: Eva Ingeborg Scholz, Lutz Moik, Hans-Edgar Stecher, Annemarie Hase, Herbert Hübner, Eduard Wandrey, Anneliese Würtz, Hans Leibelt, Eduard Wenck, Erich Dunskus, Piet Clausen, Ralph Siewert, Horst Gentzen, Hans Neie, Werner Müller, Walter Werner
  • Director: Hans Müller