A Matter of Valour

A Matter of Valour 1957

Chushingura has been made into a movie several times before, but this time it will be presented in a widescreen version with all natural colors and a new look. Written by Masato Ide and directed by Tatsuo Osone. This is a magnificent scroll of images that depicts on a grand scale the triumph of the Genroku era that shook the citizens of Edo, the peaceful capital of Japan. The top stars of the film, shinpa, shingeki, and kabuki worlds at the time of production were lavishly cast, and a huge budget was invested to create a large set for this highly acclaimed and moving epic.

  • Released: 1957-08-10
  • Runtime: 155 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Stars: Ennosuke Ichikawa, Kōkichi Takada, Matsumoto Hakuō I, Isuzu Yamada, Yaeko Mizutani, Ineko Arima, Bandō Mitsugorō VIII, Danko Ichikawa, Matsumoto Hakuō II, Junzaburō Ban, Minoru Oki, Hizuru Takachiho, Michiko Saga, Yataro Kitakami, Tatsuya Ishiguro
  • Director: Tatsuo Ōsone