49th Parallel

49th Parallel 1941

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In the early days of World War II, a German U-boat is sunk in Canada's Hudson Bay. Hoping to evade capture, a small band of German soldiers led by commanding officer Lieutenant Hirth attempts to cross the border into the United States, which has not yet entered the war and is officially neutral. Along the way, the German soldiers encounter brave men such as a French-Canadian fur trapper, Johnnie, a leader of a Hutterite farming community, Peter, an author, Philip and a soldier, Andy Brock.

  • Released: 1941-11-24
  • Runtime: 123 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller, War
  • Stars: Charles Victor, George Alexander, Laurence Olivier, Gron Davies, Eric Clavering, Eric Portman, Charles Rolfe, Glynis Johns, Adolf Wohlbrück, Gerry Wilmot, Eric Berry, Niall MacGinnis, Percy Parsons, Raymond Lovell, Frederick Piper, Stuart Latham, Raymond Massey, Richard George, Robert Beatty, John Chandos  Show all >
    Leslie Howard, Ley On, Finlay Currie, Basil Appleby, Lionel Grose
  • Director: Michael Powell