A Fair Rebel

A Fair Rebel 1914

Steve Monteith and Ezra Mason, upper class men, and Bill Bronson, a plebe, are chums and roommates at West Point before the Civil War. Steve prepares to leave for his home in Virginia, and Mason and he exchange photographs before parting. General Abner Montieth, Steve's father, and his sister Clairette are overjoyed and surprised when Steve arrives. Aunt Margie and her adopted daughter, Joan Fitzhugh, who is very fond of Steve, join the family and give Steve a warm welcome. One year later the rumble of war is heard. Steve, now a major, and his father, General, leave at the head of separate companies with the Confederate troops.

  • Released: 1914-05-21
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Genre: War, Romance
  • Stars: Jack Brammall, Frank Opperman, Florence Ashbrooke, Dorothy Gish, Charles Perley, Walter P. Lewis, George C. Pearce, Clara T. Bracy, Charles West, Linda Arvidson
  • Director: Frank Powell